Review: The Last Stand Of The 300 - The Real Story

I ordered this documentary after watching the film
300 and wondering how much of the film
was based on fact.

Note to self: Next time you want to know the facts behind an event, buy a book
by a reputable expert in the field.

Note to David Padrusch & Matt Koed: Can I have the last 120 minutes of my life
back please?

The thinking behind this film seems to have been “If you can say something
once then why not say it five times.” Perhaps this was orginally made for TV
and the endless repetitions were designed to be recaps after a long advert
break. In any case the repetions quickly became annoying.

The product description at Amazon says visually stunning with breathtaking
dramatisations and graphics. The dramatisations and animations weren’t bad,
but I think most of them were repeated at least twice and the documentary
makers obviously decided that they couldn’t show simple pictures of swords,
shields, helmets etc unless they had animated lines whizzing around them.

For all the content in this documentary it could have been easily compressed
into 30-45 minutes simply by removing the repetition and the result would have
been much better for it.

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