NAO in Reading for Bastille day

This year my NAO robot was invited to celebrate Bastille Day in Reading. Four
Frenchmen Boubacar Dembl, Eric Leray, Vincent Valre and Frdric Kayrouz were
organising a Bastille Day event in
and, since NAO is made by the
French company Aldebaran Robotics they
asked if I could bring NAO along for a demo.

A week before the event I went to Reading to meet Eric, Vincent & Frdric and
for a photoshoot with the Reading Post so they could publish a
teaser article.


Then on the 14th July I spent the whole day demonstrating NAO to members of
the public. I kept the demos short and Carl
‘s animal card game
and Aldebaran’s implementation of NAO dancing
style proved to be favourites.

The Reading Post has a writeup of the weekend.

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