UK NAO London hackathon

I haven’t posted anything about NAO for a while, which is a shame since it’s a
great platform and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. More details (such
as there are) on my NAO project

Over the last year or so a group of UK based NAO
has started to meet semi-regularly and back
in March we decided to run our own hackathon based on the NAO. We hoped to get
registered NAO developers and other coders together for a weekend of hacking
code on the NAO.

Well, the hackathon took place last weekend and it was great fun. It was
especially cool to see people who’d never written a line of python or seen a
NAO before produce working applications. Aldebaran Robotics once again proved
what great people they are by turning up with some spare NAOs for people to
use, staying the whole weekend to help with the event, providing one of the
prizes and paying for most of the food.

The applications developed over the weekend were:

Here’s a summary video that I put together showing all the application demos
and the prize-giving

Photos from the event are available on the UK NAO group on

Finally, thanks again to the sponsors who provided the venue, food and prizes

  • Aldebaran Robotics
  • UCL
  • Eurisko Consulting Services
  • Nuance
  • O’Reilly

Update 3/10/2012: Added links to Dalek and filled circles applications

Update 4/10/2012: Added link to flickr group

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