Thai "Disconnect to Connect" TV advert

I ocasionally read Chinasmack, a website that aims to give some insight into the internet stories that are currently hot in china. One of the recent stories featured a Thai TV advert urging people not to forget those around them when using mobile devices. It’s a bit schmaltzy but the point is still valid.

Many of the (Chinese) comments translated by Chinasmack were words to the effect of “no Chinese company would make such an advert” (implying that it was a shame) and I was struck by a similar feeling that no British/American company would either. For the last few months in fact London tube stations have been plastered by adverts suggesting the the very opposite: namely the RIM “Live your life on BBM” posters (or words to that effect, will check for sure next time I pass one).

From Chinasmack (translation of Chinese text from youku):

When we become addicted to using the internet and mobile phones to interact,
we neglect our loved ones and friends beside us. Thailand’s DTAC
telecommunications company released a “Disconnect to Connect” advertisement
campaign, telling us to cherish the people beside us. (Is this the so called
corporate social responsibility?)

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