The news at duh! -- Woe is wii

I came across this blog
entitled “Woe is
“ a couple of days
ago and can’t resist commenting any longer.

Apparently the Wii is still the best selling console and supposedly, unlike
Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo makes a profit on hardware sales so you’d think
there would be nothing to complain about, right?

Newsflash: Casual gamers spend less time playing games!

Yes, that’s right the Wii is doomed because people spend less time playing it
than the other next gen consoles. Surely the point about casual gamers is that
they are, well, casual, and so probably spend less time obsessively trying to
complete a game (not that there’s anything wrong about playing a game
obsessively) - so information from Nielsen showing that people tend to play
the Wii less than any other console shouldn’t really be a surprise should it?


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