NAO hypnotist

Since I got my NAO I have not had time to do as much coding as I would have
liked. I decided to give myself a simple project in order to get myself
started and try out some programming in Choreographe and learn a bit about the
NAOqi runtime. I don’t know why I decided to try and get NAO to pretend to
hypnotise people.

You can see the result in the video below:

Although it’s hardly hypnotic and the stop motion animation of the arm (the
first I’ve attempted to do with NAO) is terrible, it allowed me to try several

  • Using layer to implement simultaneous actions - although you can’t see it in the video; the eyes are animated: NAO blinks while waiting to detect a face and the eyes rotate while NAO is performing his hypnosis routine.
  • Using timeline layers to implement a state machine in Choreographe
  • Selecting an option using speech recognition
  • Face detection

NAO developers can grab the source
for the project here