NAO hypnotist

Since I got my NAO I have not had time to do as much coding as I would have liked. I decided to give myself a simple project in order to get myself started and try out some programming in Choreographe and learn a bit about the NAOqi runtime. I don't know why I decided to try and get NAO to pretend to hypnotise people.

Computer taming

I bought this postcard about ten years ago in Karlsruhe, Germany and it just resurfaced while i was sorting out my stuff after moving house. The back suggests that it's titled "Dompteur" by Michael Sowa but I don't know any more about it than that. However, I think in many ways it sums up perfectly the experience of writing computer software.

UK NAO developers meeting

After some discussion on Aldebaran Robotics Developer program's forum a few of the UK developers decided to meetup in London. We were lucky enough to be joined by Jerome Monceaux, the architect of the NAO platform and Akim, the developer program community manager who came over from Paris to spend the day with us.

After introducing ourselves, the first order of business was a little surgery on Tim's NAO to replace some stripped screws on the battery compartment.

NAO photoshoot

My wife (a portrait and wedding photographer) thought the NAO was so cute she insisted on a portrait session:

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