Hack The Tower - 9th February 2013

Tower 42

On 9th February I took part in the February Hack The Tower event organised by John Stevenson (@jr0cket). John runs this event as a sort of one-day hackathon for the London Java, Scala, Clojure & Salesforce developer communities and one of its compelling features is the diverse mix of developers who attend.

UK NAO London hackathon

I haven't posted anything about NAO for a while, which is a shame since it's a great platform and I've been having a lot of fun with it. More details (such as there are) on my NAO project page.

Over the last year or so a group of UK based NAO developers has started to meet semi-regularly and back in March we decided to run our own hackathon based on the NAO. We hoped to get registered NAO developers and other coders together for a weekend of hacking code on the NAO.


Not long after Mum died I noticed that she'd written on the base of a Robin (the bird) figurine "My Ruby wedding present to Jim 8/8/2004" At the time I thought it was typically Mum writing such notes on things. When we started going through her keepsakes in her "muniment chest" (that Dad made for her) we noticed many things had little labels pinned to them, for example her wedding dress a pair of trousers that Mum and Dad had bought for me on holiday in Scotland when I was about the same age as my son is now.

A Summary of current Raspberry Pi Motor Control Options

The project I'm currently planning on using my RaspberryPi for is a robotics project to entertain my children. As part of that I need to be able to control DC motors from the RaspberryPi

Raspberry Pi on WIFI

Thanks to this post by MrEngman and this post by alanb32 I have got my RaspberryPi working using the tiny

Battery Powered Pi

Given that one of the projects I have in mind for my Raspberry Pi is to build an autonomous robot I need to be able to power it from batteries. Using a switching DC-DC converter and a micro USB cable I've managed to get the Pi running of a set of AA batteries.


Change is a strange thing. We need some of it or we get bored but mostly what we really want is homoeostasis - to find a situation we like and keep everything the same indefinitely - this is unlikely to happen and if it did we'd probably get bored eventually.

Alas poor Nao, I knew him well

I just upgraded the head of my NAO robot to a NAO next gen head. The old head needs to go back to Aldebaran, but before that I could not resist having a little fun. Ghene Snowdon took my initial shots and edited them in photoshop to create the images below.


Review: The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

I'd put off reading The Windup Girl for a while as I'd seen mixed reviews, but finally a review on slashdot convinced me to give it a go.

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