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NAOCONF highlights

Wow, NAOCONF 2014 is over and it went very well indeed!

Ghene Snowdon produced the following highlights video

There are loads of phots from NAOCONF on flickr also

Bastille day 2014: Reading & robots

Last year Robbie and I attended the Bastille day festival in Reading. This year we'll back back with reinforcements! Carl Clement with Byron and Mike McFarlane with Mistcalf will also be joining us.
Carl, Byron, Robbie and I were in Reading recently for an interview and photoshoot with the local newspaper (for the record its Dr. Snowdon, not Mr. Snowden and Robbie not Robby)

Getting emotional about clojure at Devoxx UK 2014

Devoxx UK is back on 12-13 June 2014!

This year I'll be giving a talk on clojure and the implementation of an emotional model for artificial agents using clojure:

How replacing callbacks with core.async can make even robots get emotional

One of the issues with callback based programming is the need to coordinate mutable state among multiple callback handlers. Clojure's core.async provides a way to write code in a more sequential style that helps make the interaction between multiple events clearer. This talk will briefly describe Communicating Sequential Processes (the theoretical foundation on which core.async and other languages such as go and occam are based) before giving an overview of core.async itself.

2013 NAO London Hackathon

At 6pm on Friday 30th August at Queen Mary University London, the second UKNAO London NAO hackathon kicked off.

We had 42 attendees from 6 countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, USA).

Minor mystery solved: Cygan the robot at Southend Historic Aircraft museum

While roaming around the web today I came across this link indicating that a "giant celebrity robot from the 1950s" would be sold at auction on 5th September.

Devoxx UK


I'm running a BFO session at Devoxx UK on 26th March: "Is NAO your robotic overlord?"

Hack The Tower - 9th February 2013

Tower 42

On 9th February I took part in the February Hack The Tower event organised by John Stevenson (@jr0cket). John runs this event as a sort of one-day hackathon for the London Java, Scala, Clojure & Salesforce developer communities and one of its compelling features is the diverse mix of developers who attend.

UK NAO London hackathon

I haven't posted anything about NAO for a while, which is a shame since it's a great platform and I've been having a lot of fun with it. More details (such as there are) on my NAO project page.

Over the last year or so a group of UK based NAO developers has started to meet semi-regularly and back in March we decided to run our own hackathon based on the NAO. We hoped to get registered NAO developers and other coders together for a weekend of hacking code on the NAO.

A Summary of current Raspberry Pi Motor Control Options

The project I'm currently planning on using my RaspberryPi for is a robotics project to entertain my children. As part of that I need to be able to control DC motors from the RaspberryPi

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