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Devoxx UK


I'm running a BFO session at Devoxx UK on 26th March: "Is NAO your robotic overlord?"

Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)

So, I was working on a little program to make it easier to configure collections of servos making up the robot I’m working on when I got to the point of figuring out how I was going to persist this information.

Swing programming not much fun either

In one of my first blog entries (Web programming == No Fun) I moaned about the relative painfulness of creating a web-based user interface compared to doing the same thing in a desktop UI framework such as Java Swing (which I was most used to at the time).

An introduction to OSGI

I gave a talk about OSGi (dynamic module system for Java) for the London Java Community on 28th October.

I had hoped to cover some more advanced stuff such as exactly what happens when modules are replaced in a running application and code is trying to make calls into the module being replaced but I ran out of time preparing the presentation and wasn’t able to put together some code for this.

James Ward: Sexier Software with Java and Flex

On Friday 11th July, I attended a talk by James Ward at Adobe’s Regents Park offices in London. Free beer, soft drinks and pizza were provided and this ensured that there was a fairly healthy turnout.

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