bastille day

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Bastille day 2014: Reading & robots

Last year Robbie and I attended the Bastille day festival in Reading. This year we'll back back with reinforcements! Carl Clement with Byron and Mike McFarlane with Mistcalf will also be joining us.
Carl, Byron, Robbie and I were in Reading recently for an interview and photoshoot with the local newspaper (for the record its Dr. Snowdon, not Mr. Snowden and Robbie not Robby)

NAO in Reading for Bastille day

This year my NAO robot was invited to celebrate Bastille Day in Reading. Four Frenchmen – Boubacar Dembélé, Eric Leray, Vincent Valère and Frédéric Kayrouz – were organising a Bastille Day event in Reading and, since NAO is made by the French company Aldebaran Robotics they asked if I could bring NAO along for a demo.

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