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Dell mini 10v netbook (mini review)

I spend about 3 hours commuting most working days and although this gives me plenty of time to catchup on my technical reading I've been thinking that it would be good to have a small laptop/netbook so I could do some coding too. I've tried using my work 15" Dell Precision laptop for this but it's too big for the cramped tube seats so I've been looking for a small and cheap "commute compute" device. I finally decided to give the Dell mini 10v a try.

Review: Olympus E-P1 PEN Digital Camera

Olympus have recently launched a new camera called the E-P1 or PEN - it’s a digital version of the original PEN which was released in 1959. It’s somewhere between a compact and a DSLR - like an SLR it’s possible to change lenses but there is no view finder so you use it more like a compact.

Ghene Snowdon had an E-P1 to review and I was able to prise it away from her for a day or so and form my own impressions.

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