Today's tip-of-the-day, live from the "No sh*t sherlock" department

I like VMware. I run Linux on my home machine and VMware makes it pretty
painless to run a Windows XP VM (not to mention other flavours of Windows and
Linux) so I can test sites on different browsers and run MS Word when Open
Office is not sufficient.

Each time I start VMware workstation a tip-of-the-day dialog appears. I rarely
pay it a lot of attention but haven’t turned it of because I figure that one
day it might tell me something useful. However, that day is not today.

Take a look at this:


Is this really a tip?

Yes, that’s right if I want to run an application using VMware player (not
sure why I’d need to when I have workstation installed but never mind) then I
need to …. wait for it …. run VMware player. I do have my off days but
somehow I reckon I could have worked that one out for myself. :-)

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